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Norky’s Ramblings By Peter Norcliffe Takes Readers On Intriguing Adventures In This Autobiography

Norky's Ramblings By Peter Norcliffe Takes Readers On Intriguing Adventures In This Autobiography
Not knowing what to write about, Peter slowly drifted into writing his memoirs.

October 7, 2022 – The evolution of this book began way back in Peter’s childhood when his mum encouraged him to carry out simple repairs to his clothing, patching and sewing on buttons. She even taught him how to crochet and knit. In this book, Peter Norcliffe talks about all the interesting and eccentric characters he has met throughout his life.

There are more recent generations that he is proud to have known and who have featured in his book, his parents, Clifford and Mary Norcliffe, their parents Wallace and Eliza Norcliffe, Edward and Maggie Holdsworth and Eliza’s father, Joe Brown, along with his big sister Rhondda.

Norky’s Ramblings” is a collection of random memories and anecdotes deep in Peter’s fading memory. They are a series of stories by an old man (Peter) while sitting around the fire with friends, family and anyone who will listen, and often while they are not listening, as he re-lives his younger days. It is a collection of some of the stories he would have told had he been able to remember them. It is a collection of memories from all his life’s highs and lows, laughter and tears, joy and pain.

About the Author

Peter Norcliffe was born in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, in June 1947. He was the second of three children to Clifford and Mary, both hard-working and industrious textile workers.

Overall, he was a happy child, living in a happy environment. At that time, the Colne Valley was dotted with industry, mainly textiles. There were dozens of mill chimneys as far as the eye could see; unfortunately, the eye often couldn’t see far in the smog. At the time, Peter thought little of his environment, it was how things were, and they just lived with it. Thousands of trees have replaced mill chimneys, and the Colne Valley has become a pleasant and safer place to live, work and play.

Peter was a boisterous, chunky and mischievous child, very much the story of his life in many ways, although he is now taller.

Peter was married at nineteen to his childhood sweetheart Moira (Moi), who was seventeen. They have now been married for nearly 56 years. With Moi’s help and their daughter Rachel, Peter eventually became a responsible member of the human race and comparatively civilized.

As a good friend of Peter (The Colonel) has often said, “You’re a happy man”.

Published by Peter Norcliffe himself, the book is available on Amazon.

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