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Fonnov Aluminium Revolutionizing The 7075 Aluminum Extrusions Industry With Groundbreaking Range Of Products

Fonnov Aluminium is a one-stop Chinese 7075 aluminum extrusions and fabrication manufacturer delivering cutting-edge, precise aluminum products with a commitment to quality, innovation, and exceptional workmanship.

Aluminum alloys are widely used in the hardware and automotive industries due to their high strength-to-weight ratio and low cost. 7075 aluminum extrusions are well-known worldwide as solid and durable alloys with excellent strength, high stiffness, and good thermal conductivity, making them an ideal material in many industrial applications. But finding a top-notch aluminum extrusion manufacturer is challenging due to low-quality suppliers. Here Fonnov Aluminium comes to the rescue with record-backed years of experience manufacturing and distributing 7075 aluminum extrusions and other aluminum products with excellent surface quality, higher strength, and lower weight.

At the heart of their business lies years of knowledge and experience in aluminum extrusions and manufacturing processes for many industrial and commercial purposes. Education, design, manufacturing, fabrication, surface treatment, finishing, and logistics offer unmatched capabilities, knowledge, and competence in finding the best possible solution for clients.

The 7075 aluminum square bars, rods, and tubes are hardened to high strength with an excellent thermal conductivity that allows transmission of heat to the surrounding area, which helps conduct heat away efficiently and thus prevents metal fatigue. Another critical property of the 7075 product is its ability to achieve high resistance to oxidation and corrosion by air and seawater. From cut to size 7075 aluminum rod and 7075 aluminum tube to 7075 aluminum bar, they supply products in various lengths, radii, grades, and wall thicknesses.

They adhere to strict quality control processes in selecting raw materials, manufacturing components, and delivery to achieve their customers’ rigid requirements and ensure that products are faultless and meet the domestic and international markets with different needs.

When asked about the company’s uniqueness, the founder said, “FONNOV ALUMINIUM always puts high quality as the first choice, not compromise in every production process: From materials purchase and production to transportation, surface treatment, and delivery. We have all the advanced equipment, professional technical personnel, and inspection staff to guarantee product quality. We are known for quick response, excellent quality, and competitive prices on our products to the customers.

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